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Hello and welcome to the Fasusq home on the web.

Pictured above is myself with Dom the Havanese - BISS BIS Supreme Champion Torza Dom Del A Vega - owned by Meghan Boole & Diane Anderson and
Wesley RUBIS CH Fasusq BitterSweet Symphony. Dom and Wesley were best friends and between them won 
multiple Best and Reserve in Groups and also Best and Reserve in Shows!
My name is Amanda Dunne and I live in sunny QLD  about 15 minutes from Toowoomba which is less than 2 hours away from Brisbane. Toowoomba is well known for its "Carnival of Flowers" events in September.

Fasusq- pronounced "Fah-Soo-Sk" - came from the combination of 3 of our dogs names...

Fa - FAyme - my favourite childhood English Springer Spaniel
Su - SUtek - my first official Cavalier in my name (in 2006)
Sq - SQuirrel - my first Handlers dog; an English Setter

Although the name "Fasusq" was only established in 2007, I have been actively involved with dogs my entire life as my mother bred and showed English Setters and English Springers when I was a child and to this day has Cavaliers - breeding under the "Aberlour" prefix. 

In preperation for when I would want my own dog to show (at the time, it was 10 years of age in QLD to start showing) my mother thought it would be better to get a smaller dog that would be easier for me to show.

Co-incidentally a client of hers from work had a litter of puppies and wanted to know her opinion of them. The puppies were lovely!! A week or 2 later we had a Cavalier puppy whom we named Meg (Springset Spice Girl) and we have been hooked ever since.

Member of the following clubs:
~Dogs QLD
~Darling Downs Kennel Club (Vice President)
~Toowoomba Royal Canine Section

~Terrier & Toy Club of NSW
~Cavalier Club of Tasmania

Approved ANKC/Dogs QLD Junior Handler Judge
Group 1 Open Show Judge

ANKC Accredited Steward & Writer

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Amanda Dunne
Toowoomba, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]

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